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The Holidays Can Be A Very Lonely Time For Some People

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  • Video Length: 01:00
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  • Published Date: 01/11/2022
The holidays can be a very lonely time for some people. Lilly Bella’s best friend Sybil A was feeling quite sad. Bad weather had canceled her flight home and she had to stay with Lilly. She loved celebrating the holidays with her friend and her family, but it made her miss her own parents and especially her boyfriend. In this VR porn scene, Lilly does her best to make her friend feel at home, even buying them matching holiday pyjamas so they can lounge around together by the tree. What Sybil doesn’t know is that her pretty blonde friend has a huge crush on her and even their playful snuggling by the fire turns her on. As they explore their feelings for one another, Sybil notices that Lilly’s stepfather is watching them get naked and make out. They giggle and decide to get even more playful with one another now that they have an audience. Stripping down naked like real VR porn models, they dare you to take out your cock and join them in some carnal pleasures. Sybil can’t believe how much bigger he is than her boyfriend and Lilly is shocked by how brazen you are, stroking it for your stepdaughter. They are both wet from kissing each other and from how hard you are pumping your big fuckstick. It is a race to the finish as they all rush towards a forbidden climax. You spurt your load at the two teasing teens while they cum all over their slender fingers. This is a great first night, but Sybil knows that the rest of the trip will be even hotter.
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