Paint Job Rewarded With Anal Sex

  • 80%
  • (10)
  • Video Length: 01:17
  • Point of View: Male
  • Field of View: 180
  • Frames per Second: 60
  • Published Date: 08/16/2018
Being a painter may not be the sexiest job in the world, but if you watch VR Bangers’ VR porn movies for a moment now, you certainly do know that we can make miracles out of many decent ideas in our VR porn fantasies. Since some people do call us the “artists of porn”, we do like to shoot an “artistic” virtual reality porn video from time to time – thus bowing down to all our fans who can boast of some artistic abilities and even the talents of our incredible VR porn stars. In the Paint Job 6K VR porn video, you will feel like one of those famous art critics who will get to work with undeniably talented – in a lot of different ways, actually – Aaliyah Hadid, our incredibly beautiful VR porn videos’ performer. Aaliyah, who today will be your hungry-for-knowledge art student, will have to paint a portrait of your whole body, yet seemingly something different will get all her attention, thus interrupting the lesson and making it all far more complicated. As you have probably guessed, our sexy vixen will focus on your beautiful dick and instead of painting your full body, she will just give you a picture of your cock and… have to admit you something about that. She is madly in love with your schlong and just can’t stop thinking about it – else you are gonna give it to her right now, else she will go mad. What will you do? She is a real charmer, isn’t she? Just wear her VR headset and give her exactly what she wants – it is gonna pay off in one of the most pleasant ways of all, and you know it! After all this is a 6K VR porn video, which will give you even better experiences than our premium 4K UHD VR porn movies – strap your VR visor and have the time of your live in 3D 360° now!
Still slightly new to the virtual reality porn world, VR Bangers made its mark early on by delivering great production value with very hot girls and a user-friendly site. They advertise as the first VR porn site to shoot all of their content in 360°, as well as 4K Ultra-HD resolution. If you don’t have VR goggles, you have the option of 360° playback on your computer without a headset. You also get to stream all the videos in all of their different versions, which is a huge perk. Even if you don’t want to watch them in VR mode, they give you a 2D version that you can enjoy like you would in regular 2D porn — although this kind of defeats the whole purpose of signing up for a VR site, but it’s good to have options like free porn. Most of the girls star in several videos, so there are not a lot of porn stars so far, although it should be noted that within that small sample of starlets, it’s already somewhat diverse. Until very recently, they had been mainly releasing solo masturbation or lesbian scenes, with only a couple of boy-girl videos, although that trend seems to be changing. The length of their clips used to be quite short in the beginning, but new ones are starting to resemble those of the bigger VR porn sites — anywhere between 20-30 minutes. Like BaDoink, VR Bangers will also send you a free pair of their own cardboard goggles with your membership.

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