My Best Friend's Girl

  • 75%
  • (67)
  • 00:46
  • 2015-11-30 17:01:17
  • Field Of View: 180
  • Point Of View: Male
  • Frames Per Second: 60
Ever got into a jealous argument with your best bud because you both had the hots for the same chick? Yeah, you probably did. Now this painful memory gets turned into a kinky alternate reality in VR. Alex Grey just got dumped by your BFF, who clearly can't tell a hot girlfriend from a hole in the restroom wall. So she decides to hook up with you, of all people. Call it a hate-fuck or a revenge-fling, you don't care as long as she's plugged air-tight by your junk. Your buddy can go and finger his travel pussy or weep into a pillow. Hoes before Bros is your new motto, and you're sticking with it.
Categories: Hardcore

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