Latin beauty Esperanza Del Horno got butt plug as a birthday present

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  • Published Date: 01/03/2018
Esperanza Del Horn is incredibly excited about the gift she got her boyfriend for his birthday. She knew he'd love it the moment she saw it. Esperanza just finishes wrapping the birthday gift as Mike walks through the door. The package puts an instant smile on his face. After all, who doesn't love gifts!? He tears right into the packaging, only to be slack jawed by what he sees. It's a butt plug? A butt plug! Does she want him to wear it? Is she trying to tell him that she wants to get really experimental with him? Mike doesn't know what to think and he starts to freak out a bit. Seeing his shock and discomfort, Esperanza tells him the butt plug is for her. She just thought he'd love to see her rock it out of her delicious ass. Mike has to laugh off his terror for a bit. Whew, that was a close one! He's wanted to slide his thick shaft into her booty for some time now. He just needs a little prepping and Esperanza knows exactly what to do. She takes his growing cock in her hands and slips it into her mouth. Her lips can hardly wrap around the girth. But she's used to it by now. Sucking off her boyfriend is one of her favorite things. Slurping his cock up to full attention, Esperanza pushes Mike back onto the couch. She knows just how much he loves her ass, so she wants to make sure he has the perfect view. She takes his dick into her hands and slides it deep into her ass as she mounts him in reverse. They both let out moans as her tight warmth surrounds him. Esperanza starts off slow, but the feeling of his cock stretching her ass is too much and she goes faster and faster. Her juices are dripping and she knows it. She wants to taste it. So right before Mike is ready to unload she slips off, teasing him a bit while she laps up all her pussy juice and his pre-cum. After getting her fill, she lets Mike take her on all fours. She's just so close to cuming and she knows he is too. She can feel his cock quiver, too. So, when he pulls out and pops ropes of hot cum all over her ass, it sends her over the edge as well.
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