Jessy Dubai Riding A Hard Dick At Tramp Camp

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  • Video Length: 02:00
  • Point of View: Male
  • Field of View: 360
  • Frames per Second: 60
  • Published Date: 11/02/2017
You are out camping with your girlfriend Jessi Dubai. You are feeling kind of lazy and like you just want to chill out with her so you try to sleep in but Jessi is the kind of girl who likes to get up and go. She is a go getter who got up before the sunrise to hike out to a beautiful vista to see the sun come up and now she is traipsing back to the tent, and is disappointed to see that you, her devoted boyfriend, are still sleeping! She thinking you are so lazy and she is whining that you don’t ever do anything that is fun. Well, when you have a girl as special and beautiful as Jessi then you do whatever she wants you to do. Jessy’s giant DD knockers and beautiful ass are jiggling perfectly as she walks up to you. Her blonde hair is shimmering in the sunlight. Jessy is feeling sad and you want to make her feel better because you had better keep your girlfriend happy when she is as hot as this chick. So, you decide to take things down a sexier route. Jessy is happy about this because even if you won’t get up early to share a special moment with her you can at least make her feel special. Soon things turn to sexy and you are about to have fuck time with your best gal. Her 8 inch dick is bursting out of her outfit and her ass is ready for some hot fucking. How your lazy ass got so lucky as to have an amazing girlfriend like this is a mystery but you certainly know how to keep her happy with a hot fucking. Strap on your VR headset and you will experience it too!
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