Head To Toe Massage

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  • Video Length: 01:40
  • Point of View: Male
  • Field of View: 180
  • Frames per Second: 60
  • Published Date: 03/25/2019
Have you ever heard about something called the deep tissue massage? It is the art only performed by the most experienced masseuses and physiotherapists which successfully allows your even the most tense muscle deep inside of your body to finally relax, thus letting all the nerves and tension accumulated inside of your horny body to finally let go. Lianna Lawson is probably the only TS VR porn star in the entire business that is capable of performing such massages, and thankfully to the benefits of the modern blonde Shemale VR porn videos, the girl will show you how it is done inside of the newest TS VR porn scene from Virtual Reality Bangers Trans called Head To Toe. Even though the massage will go all according to the plan at first and the girl will be getting deeper and deeper inside of your body with every next touch, eventually she will have to get to work on your cock and when she will find out that you have been “gifted” and she has never seen an equally huge dick before, she will lose her professional manners and just start focusing all her attention on it. In only the matter of minutes, it will all turn into a regular blowjob TS VR porn movie, as the girl will not be able to resist the temptation of sucking this enormous schlong of yours – which will eventually get her hard as well and thus lead to something even more enjoyable. This anal Shemale VR porn video will then quickly accelerate to some regular hardcore fucking with the beautiful T-girl. Now instead of massaging of your deep tissues, she will be massaging your anal (also very deeply) with her own dick, which is probably even better – after all, as soon as you will cum inside of her ass, you will stop feeling any tension, won’t you?
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