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Goofing Around With Coworker Stella Cardo

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  • Video Length: 01:00
  • Point of View: Voyeur
  • Field of View: 180
  • Frames per Second: 60
  • Published Date: 10/03/2019
Things were already really bad at work, so the last thing you needed was something to make it worse. When your boss called you into his office, you were pretty sure it was to fire you. You were shocked to find Stella, his beautiful young daughter waiting as well. He was running late for his lunch date with her. You hoped to slip out and that he might forget about your meeting after lunch with his daughter, but Stella asked you to stay and wait with her. Her stunning beauty made you nervous as you tried desperately not to notice how short her dress was or how she seemed to be flirting with you just a little. Trying to make small talk while she was staring at you was difficult enough, but when Stella stood up and turned around, you almost lost it. She bent over slightly, letting her dress ride high and her ass arch out. The daring young beauty was far from finished. Sitting on a high stool she pulled up her dress to reveal that she was wearing no panties. You knew you would be fired on the spot if you boss came in, but when Stella asked if you wanted to see more, you readily agreed. Loving the attention she stripped down to just her high heels. You couldn't believe how brazen she was, naked and rubbing herself in her father's office. You watched as she fingered her pussy and came all over her father's chair. You were so caught up in the beautiful sight that you didn't even hear you boss come into his office.
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