Zeiss VR One Headset Review

Often compared to the Samsung Gear VR, the Zeiss VR One presents the advantage over the Gear VR of allowing you to use non-Samsung phones. The VR One will work with any iOS or Android device between 4.7 and 5.2 inches. It basically became an alternative to the Gear VR for iPhone users.

The Zeiss VR One’s design is sleek and sturdy. The plastic keeps it light, while still looking cool and durable; the foam padding and the head straps are very comfortable.

Your phone can fit into a removable plastic tray that you can then slide back into the Zeiss VR One and have it in the exact positioning to watch VR content without having to worry about the phone moving. This is a major improvement over several other viewers that provide little stability holding certain devices.

Of course, that also has its drawbacks. It’s annoying to not be able to access volume controls on your phone — which even the most basic of cardboard models can allow you to do. Also, the Zeiss VR One doesn’t include any phone tray; you will have to purchase the tray that suits your own device separately.

Zeiss is a German company known for their good quality lenses, and this is not the exception. However, for its price, it could really use some adjustable lenses. Depending on the person, it can get you a bit dizzy. You can definitely feel it when you’ve been using it for somewhat extended periods of time.


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It’s a pretty good and comfortable viewer with some features that most virtual reality goggles lack; there’s no denying it. Having said that, the Zeiss VR One is very expensive for what it is. Its benefits don’t necessarily make up for the price difference from other more affordable headsets that will provide you with many of the advantages that the VR One can.

Added on: 2016-06-06 17:33:57