Gamer Girl Talks VR Cosplay Porn

We live and breathe VR here at VR Sumo. When a new device is launched—even announced—we’re all over it. Google Alerts? Everything from Google Daydream to Virtual Sexology. From inspired to insipid, wicked to weird, we are there. What we’re talking about today sits squarely in the Weird category, but in a good way.

We recently stumbled upon a site named, run by an American woman, a ‘gamer gal,’ who goes by the name Logan Legend.

VRCosplayMate is a review site. All reviews are conducted by Logan Legend. She doesn’t review VR porn sites, but rather, VR Cosplay porn movies. At this point, in the evolution of VR, is the only site devoted to VR cosplay, so the overwhelming majority—well, all of them—are reviews of parodies from VRCosplayX studio. 

We reached out to Ms. Legend, offering to interview her by phone, but she said that her voice modulator had broken down, and wondered if we could instead do it via text (to protect her anonymity). 

VR Sumo: So. Logan Legend, that’s a pretty cool pseudonym. Can you tell us what is, in your own words?

Logan Legend: Thanks. My real name that I was born with is awful. I’m thinking of having it changed to Logan Legend. 

VR Sumo: But then your anonymity would be gone, no?

Logan Legend: Yes. That would be a problem. is a movie review site. But for VR Cosplay porn movies. Initially that was ALL it was supposed to be. But it took a ribald turn—beyond the fact that these are all porn movies—from the beginning. My mistake was reviewing the Overwatch parody first. Overcrotch. I’ve got a real thing for Zoe Doll. Which I did not know at the time. So her plus the fact that I love the video game, I found myself getting carried away by the POV role. And the way I do the reviews, I do them out loud. 

VR Sumo: I don’t understand. Do them out loud?

Logan Legend: I use voice to text. I liked the idea of doing it in real time. And it’s not like, wearing your Gear VR, you can type at the same time. So that was the approach. I thought it was practical. However that first review, when I listened back to it, it was basically a retelling of the story on the screen, with me talking about how it’s getting me really horny. It veered into a full-blown masturbatory fantasy, and I’m talking about myself masturbating, as if I’m the POV. It was all pretty disorienting. I’m a woman—a kind of rank one sadly—and I’m into guys, though I haven’t been with too many on account of the rankness. Hey can you not print that? Sounds a little insane.

VR Sumo: No problem at all. That’s what it seems like reading your reviews. You really become the POV, even though you don’t have his physical attributes.

Logan: Yeah, that’s what is so weird about. But it’s pretty cool, too. I try to, in the reviews, separate what I’m doing in the real world vs. virtual reality. Like if I’m talking about what’s happening to the POV inside the VR space, that’s happening ‘on the Virtual Reel.’ If it’s happening in reality, where I’m at home, wearing the Gear VR, like if I’m touching myself, that’s on the ‘Real Reel.’ 

VR Sumo: That all sounds awfully strange. Not judging, though. As long as nobody gets hurt, that’s our motto. 

Logan: It is. It’s strange. It’s giving me a bit of an identity crisis. But I’m enjoying it. 

VR Sumo: What does the future hold for Logan Legend and

Logan: Well, I’m going to continue on the same trajectory with the reviews. And there are some new features I’ll be adding soon. Don’t want to talk about them until they’re real, though.

VR Sumo: On the Real Reel, Logan?

Logan: Uh-huh. Yeah. I’ve got to go now.

That was the end of our conversation. So, we encourage everyone to check out this interesting review site. Is it Fan Friction? Is it a new form of Gonzo Journalism (Grrlnalism)? Visit the site. Read a review. Decide for yourself!

Added on: 2017-02-09 04:41:22