Merge VR Headset Review

The Merge VR works with most smartphones and has a very singular look: It’s purple and made of foam. Initially, this might make you think it’s more of a toy and you may take it less seriously than similarly priced goggles, but it includes some pleasant surprises.

First of all, it adapts comfortably to your face, as even the edges feel soft enough. The polyurethane foam is a massive plus that most virtual reality headsets don’t have — especially if you’re clumsy, since dropping your VR goggles is not uncommon. So, while it might feel a bit cheap at first, it does turn out to be quite practical.

Of course, the foam is not without its setbacks. Owing to the foam enclosure, if your phone overheats (as they are prone to during VR sessions), it’s not easy to notice. 

While the Merge is heavier than other headsets, this is only an issue if used in, say, an intense and long gaming session. If you intend to watch VR porn for hours, though, you’re definitely going to find its weight a burden.

Something that can be a bit annoying is how snugly your phone fits in the Merge VR phone slot. A bit tight is good, in the sense that you want the phone to stay in place, but too much makes it hard to access your phone if you need to adjust anything on your video.

The packaging is simple: The headset, three adjustable straps (two on the side and one on the back) and a cleaning cloth. It's very easy to adjust the headset and to keep it in place.


Buy it now for $79.00


Don't let the toy-like appearance fool you; the Merge VR is actually very nice. Not an Oculus by any means or Gear VR, so if you’re anything more than a recreational user, you could do better. However, for its price range, it's a pretty good viewer and more comfortable and durable than any cardboard or plastic goggles. The straps also feel loose enough to make your experience more relaxed. You can also transport it anywhere without worrying much since it’s very resilient.

Added on: 2016-06-05 10:27:00