VR Porn for Women

Porn for women has long been ignored as not being profitable. Women don’t watch porn is a common belief. That is of course not true. Women just keep their cyber activities a secret. It has been shown that over 30% of women watch porn at least once a week and that number is growing. Virtual Reality will play a significant role in bringing women closer to porn, literally. What women most miss in porn are the feelings that get lost or are just not there in porn made for men.

Virtual Reality is able to make you, the watcher, part of the action. It is now possible for women to have the closeness to the sex scenes they were previously missing. Emotions like mutual pleasure and enjoyment are now accurately conveyed like it is not even possible in regular porn. There are more female POV videos for Virtual Reality by now than there are for regular porn. This is an interesting development and shows the potential of the new technology.

Female POV VR Porn is either a hetero experience or a lesbian one. A study has also shown that many women do prefer the lesbian POV because of the beauty of the female body. So like for men, women do like different experiences when watching porn. Still, there are great VR Porn videos both for women who like hetero or lesbian sex. In addition, through teledildonics women can now feel the action in the VR sex scenes. This adds another layer of excitement to the already new experience. VR Porn for Women will be the next great revolution in the VR Porn industry.

Added on: 2016-11-09 19:46:20