18VR.com Review

  • - Weekly updates
    - Hot teen models
    - Surprisingly hard-core
    - Inexpensive annual subscription
    - Exclusive content
    - Clean and cute interface
    - Free VR headset

  • - Little content at launch
    - No model biographies
    - No search option
    - No photo galleries for VR content
    - No solo/masturbation videos yet
    - All indoor shoots so far

Editor Rating
Amount of content 91%
Video Quality 100%
Updates Frequency 97%
Total Score 96%
Bottom Line

Keeping in mind that this is a brand new studio start-up with fewer than 20 scenes at launch, 18VR.com nevertheless manages to impress by the sheer quality of videos on display. The content is surprisingly hardcore and edgy and does not solely rely on the young age and perfect bodies of its teen models. Subscription pricing is praiseworthy giving bargain hunters a choice between the $1 trial and a $5.95/mo sub for an annual membership.

It's no big secret that I'm pretty harsh in my reviews when it comes to new Virtual Reality websites with little to no content on opening day. I'm always ticked off when companies ask for $24.95/mo while offering only a dozen movies at launch. I get it; they want the google juice, they need reviewers like me to give them some much-needed exposure and they're tricking uninformed early adopters into subscribing to a half-baked product. However, prematurely ejaculating a scant handful of launch videos into the jizz rag commonly referred to as the "Internets" usually guarantees a low score from this reviewer. So I'm gonna spend the rest of the article defending a site that - by my own standards - should be ranking in the mid-60s or lower. 

First, the Bad. There are too few videos for you to get month's worth of entertainment out of your subscription. To put it bluntly, the $24.95/mo membership is a shitty deal at this point in time. The one dollar trial, on the other hand, is perfectly priced. You get a pretty good idea of how entertaining the videos are, and by the time you're reading this, you'll have at least 15-20 scenes to play around with. Remember, you can download and keep them in your Spank Bank. My recommendation would be to start with the trial and if you like what you see just cancel and switch over to the annual subscription. Here's why: Remember the old saying that if you want to know how your pretty girlfriend will look like when she's old you simply need to check out her mom? Pedigree or good genes are everything in this case. 18VR.com is the latest release from the same guys who excelled with VRCosplayX and BaDoinkVR. We already know what those dudes are capable of and it's no mere coincidence that they're industry leaders. Both those sites set the bar high, very high, and few competitors managed to get close to the quality and quantity of content they have on offer. In short, there's no risk in investing your hard earned cash into this latest release. We know they'll be updating regularly, we know that the site will grow and improve rapidly. There's no doubt in my mind that the things I'm going to complain about below will be obsolete in a few short months. 

The design is clean and simple, and navigation is a breeze. The same can be said for the mobile site, which for most users today is even more important. Everything on the site is downloadable and streamable. The videos are all recorded in 180° Stereoscopic 3D with immersive binaural surround sound. Video files run at 60 fps in 4K. There are no live cam shows (unless you are impressed by the site's camgirl cross-selling attempt) nor are there VR photo galleries. Each video only has five high-quality photo previews, and that's it. Don't go looking for a search box either but you'll find clickable keyword tags. Due to their small size launch sites very rarely have a "search" problem as most of the content ends up being on page one anyway. The site makes related video recommendations once you open up a scene's download page which will come in handy once the archive hits the 50 videos mark. As bare-bones as it is at the moment I was weirdly impressed by how cute and uncluttered the presentation is. When it comes to design, less is often more. 

No frills, big thrills. Let me conclude with the good aspects. Or aspect, rather. There's one thing that completely won me over which makes 18VR.com a winner in the long run. The porn. - Hang on, porn you say? Yes, there are young ladies on the site who love to fuck on cam. Reviews can get overly technical at times and sidetracked by nifty features or lack thereof. This site hammers it home that 90% of what makes a porn-site great is the quality of the movies. I'm not even going to waste time talking about how most of the girls are Perfect Tens; the casting is impeccable. What managed to impress me was that the VR "apartments" actually felt more like lived-in homes, they're bright and colorful, and the action has some bite to it. 18VR.com somehow manages to put the hard back into hardcore. 

This being a teen site you'd expect an overreliance on youthful beauty, but no, the fucking turns out to be surprisingly rough and inventive. The videos aren't exactly dialogue-heavy, but there's a sexy little twist to most setups. The porn is leaning more to the penetrative end of the spectrum, so you won't find any solo or masturbation scenes unless the wanking happens between pussy and asshole pounding. 18VR.comis all about Millennial teen porn. Anal is the new blowjob. Things escalate quickly. Anal plugs are casually worn like jewelry and treated as accessories. There's throat gagging, ass-to-mouth fucking, anal threesomes and domestic dom/sub role-playing (minus the fetish gear). The girls range from completely natural to slightly inked, and boob size goes from A to C cup. No dangling MILF udders to be found here. Every inch of flesh is young and tight. The $1 trial is the safest option to sample the goods, but you won't be getting a free Cardboard headset. That only comes with the monthly and annual memberships. My personal recommendation would be to go with the annual $5.95/mo subscription which strikes me as the real bargain here. If the 24-hour trial leaves you unimpressed, move on. You will, however, be hard-pressed to find a better Virtual Reality teen porn site anywhere on the web today. 

180° Stereoscopic 3D
4K high resolution
Binaural sound
60 fps video
Unlimited streams & downloads

$ 5.95 for a 1-day trial (rebills at $ 29.95)
$ 24.95 for one month (rebills at $ 24.95)
$ 71.40 yearly subscription ($ 5.95/mo)

18VR.com is an exemplary teen porn site and the best teen VR site currently available on the Internet. The annual subscription is a steal, just keep in mind that you'll be billed in one large chunk instead of $5.95/month installments.

Added on: 2017-07-31 20:40:08