VR Porn Stats and Facts Added: 2017-01-09 15:01:26 VR Porn Stats and Facts     Virtual Reality usage demographics are about to shift drastically in 2017, but it's evident who the typical VR porn consumer is at this point in time based on BaDoinkVR's 2016 data. The USA and Canada currently take up about 90% of the Virtual Reality market with male VR fans outnumbering females at a ratio of about ten to one. While high-income households tend to splash out on top of the line gear like the Oculus Rift and the Vive, lower-income buyers usually go with the cheapest option available, namely Cardboard goggles. The remaining fifty percent of people polled pick their headsets from an affordable selection of mid-range products such as the Samsung Gear VR, Google's Daydream View... Read More
Virtual Reality Porn: Are you missing out on the next big thing? Added: 2017-01-05 16:22:58 Virtual Reality Porn Are you missing out on the next big thing?     Watching porn on a smartphone or browsing tube sites used to be a passive and solitary pass time. Virtual Reality has now turned hardcore porn into an entirely immersive experience. With the recent arrival of VR compatible sex toys, a new segment of PC peripherals commonly referred to as Teledildonics, VR porn promises an unparalleled haptic experience. Cyberdildonics works entirely hands-free, either by remote control (assuming a human partner is connected to the system) or by motion tracking which can be directly embedded into the video presentation for added physical stimulation through feedback-enabled tactile devices.     What is it, ... Read More
VR Porn for Women Added: 2016-11-09 19:46:20 Porn for women has long been ignored as not being profitable. Women don’t watch porn is a common belief. That is of course not true. Women just keep their cyber activities a secret. It has been shown that over 30% of women watch porn at least once a week and that number is growing. Virtual Reality will play a significant role in bringing women closer to porn, literally. What women most miss in porn are the feelings that get lost or are just not there in porn made for men. Virtual Reality is able to make you, the watcher, part of the action. It is now possible for women to have the closeness to the sex scenes they were previously missing. Emotions like mutual pleasure and enjoyment are now accurately conveyed like it is not even possible in r... Read More